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Ségolène and Carmine met 10 years ago around a project. They then continued their career and met in Paris to found the OFFICINE collective in 2009, with the desire to share their affinity and differences.
OA – OFFICINE D’ARCHITECTURE is a project laboratory, whose method is based on a composite reading of situations and architectural issues (scale, materiality, use …). The project is approached as a formulation and a suitable dosage.

Ségolène GETTI architect dplg

Graduated in 2003 at the ENSA Paris-la-Villette, after a very European career (Paris, Madrid, Italy …), she moved to London and Berlin to have a long collaboration with John Pawson, while developing more personal projects. In 2009, she returned to France and created the collective OFFICINE, which became OFFICINE SARL in 2012, while ensuring the direction of the architecture of Philippe Starck’s agency from 2011 to 2014.

Carmine LUONGO architect

Graduated in 2004 from the University of Ascoli Piceno (Italy), Carmine has since experimented with architecture, in theory and in practice: associate professor of the universities of Ascoli and Venice since 2005, he collaborates in parallel with Italian agencies. His research on metropolises will lead him to stay in Beirut and Paris, where he will settle permanently in 2009 to create the collective OFFICINE, which will become OFFICINE SARL in 2012.

Marie CANN architect HMONP

Graduated from ENSA-Versailles (France)

Mathilde CHESNEAU architect HMONP

Graduated from ENSA-Paris-La Villette ( France)

Fanny ROUX architect DE

Graduated from ENSA-Lyon (France)

Cecilia MUNERATTI architect

Graduated from IUAV (Italy)